10,000 PLN loan – list of banks with cheap offers

June 6, 2019 10,000 loan PLN is available both in non-bank institutions and in banks, which we will look at in detail in our article. Especially that cash loan is still the most frequently chosen banking product. According to BIK research, the value of bank loans increased last year. Their amount amounted to almost PLN 71 billion, by 7% more than in 2017. Where to apply for a loan of up to 10,000? We check the offers of 11 banks!

10,000 loan PLN – we present 11 loan offers!

10,000 loan PLN - we present 11 loan offers!

10,000 loan PLN is a very attractive offer for anyone who needs an injection of cash for home appliances and electronics, home repairs or even buying a car. These are the most common reasons why we decide to apply for additional funds in the form of a cash loan or online loan. 10 thousand PLN allows to achieve these goals and pay the debt relatively quickly.

For a loan of 10,000 PLN worth applying for at a bank, the more that with such amounts, banking institutions reduce formalities to a minimum, and even allow you to apply for a loan completely online! Online loans without leaving your home are the best offer today for anyone who wants to get cash easily and quickly. Which banks offer loans up to 10,000 zł?

Current loan offers 10,000 PLN can also be found in the cash loan ranking. It is worth following it on a regular basis to have access to current bank proposals.

How much does a loan cost up to 10,000 zł?

How much does a loan cost up to 10,000 zł?

The cost of cash loans is an issue that should especially catch our attention when signing a contract with a financial institution. It is better not to be surprised by the amount of installments and to regulate payments in time, so that the registers of debtors do not record our name. In the table you will find detailed information on the installments for loans for 24 and 60 months. In the case of a loan of 10,000 PLN with a 24-month loan period, OutBank has prepared the best offer for us. In turn, for a loan of up to 10,000 with a repayment deadline of up to 60 months, it is best to apply at CiatoLoan.

The decision on the length of the loan period is yours alone. We can repay the loan sooner or on the contrary – with other expenses planned, we can extend the repayment time. If we use a cash loan calculator, we will carefully calculate the installments depending on the amount of the bank loan and the length of the loan period. Using this tool, we will know the loan repayment schedule. A detailed schedule will allow you to plan your home budget for the time when we will have an additional burden! The cash loan calculator is available on the website of most banks.

10,000 loan without certificates – what documents to prepare?

10,000 loan without certificates - what documents to prepare?

Persons who intend to apply for a cash loan of 10,000 must submit the required bank documents. It turns out that in the case of low amounts, banking institutions often decide to grant loans without certificates. All you need is an ID card to get a cash injection and achieve your goals!

Below is a complete list of documents that the bank may (but does not have to!) Require from us:

  • document confirming identity (obligatory),
  • income certificate (depending on the offer),
  • correctly completed application.

After applying for a loan, we will receive a credit decision as soon as possible. A positive response will result in the mobilization of funds and a transfer to our bank account. We can also collect cash at the branch, provided that the bank provides such a possibility to pay the loan.

10,000 loan impossible without BIK

10,000 loan impossible without BIK

All financial institutions are required to verify the creditworthiness of customers. Therefore, checking databases, including the BIK database, is one of their basic duties. Banks are very strict on this issue. They do not grant loans without BIK and they scrupulously verify each customer’s creditworthiness. Non-bank institutions are more tolerant. They offer loans without BIK. This means that even a negative credit history does not compromise our loan chances!

Non-bank institutions also offer loans without bases. It is worth taking a closer look and, if necessary, use offers tailored to the needs of different borrowers. You can also check the payday rankings and installment loans rankings and choose the offer that best meets our expectations.

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