What is a Private Loan?

When you borrow money, it really is important to keep track of what you do. It is usually the question of quite a lot of money in total if you choose to include all interest costs, etc.

Especially for loans that are a bit larger, which is for example private loans and home loans. In this article, we will therefore take a closer look at what a private loan is and how it works.

A small calculation example


To illustrate how important it really is, you can look at the cost of a private loan during the entire loan period. The fact that you have to repay the loaned amount is not very surprising and there is the repayment. In our example here, we expect a private loan of 350,000 for 10 years. The interest rate we expect is 6%. If you look at the amortization, it amounts to USD 2,916 every month, provided that it is the question of straight amortization. In addition, there is then interest that is highest for the first month and then goes down when the debt is amortized. The total interest cost during the entire loan period is about USD 106,000, which would be an average of about USD 880 each month for 10 years.

If it is instead an annuity loan, you will always pay the same amount to the lender, which in our case would be USD 3,886 per month. Annuity loans are probably more common when it comes to private loans and it really means that you always pay the same amount every month. In the beginning, a larger part of the payment goes to pay on the interest rate, but when you repay a portion each time, the remaining debt also decreases, which means that for each repayment there will be more money going to the amortization. The first month in our example you would pay USD 2,136 and the last month USD 3,866.

It is therefore quite a lot of money each month that you have to pay if you have such a large loan. If we then put in a little more interest, the cost would also go up. Calculate approximately USD 150 extra in interest cost per month per percent. If there is straight amortization, this will be quite accurate this month, but if it is annuity, the cost will be higher per month the more percentages are added. But use iaf 150 USD per month as a small guideline.

What is a private loan?

Now that we have looked at how much money it really is, the next step is to go through what a home loan really is. The first thing to say is that the name private loans is used often but there are several names. Blank loans are one and there is no difference in the type of loan at all. Tragically, words are also used as bank loans to actually describe a private loan, even though a bank loan is actually a loan obtained from a bank, which can then, for example, be a mortgage loan or a car loan.

Unsecured Loans

The big thing with a private loan is that this loan has no form of collateral. Compared to a mortgage where the home is the collateral for the loan. The bottom line is that you can use the borrowed money for anything when nothing needs to be bought that should be collateral. Security which means that the lender may require that this particular item be sold to receive money for the loan if the repayments are not paid.

Since the money can be used for anything, you also call a private loan a consumer loan. If you want to borrow USD 350,000 and buy clothes for all the money, it goes well, provided that your finances are good enough for you to pass the credit check. Now this is not to recommend but that is what a consumer loan means. It is better then to use the money for things like renovating the home or the like.

Size and maturity

The traditional has been that a private loan extends up to USD 350,000. However, this applies far from all lenders, but it is usually only the larger banks that lend so much. There may be some smaller lenders who have this as a maximum amount, but more commonly there is that the largest sum is somewhere between USD 25,000 and USD 50,000. If you look at the lowest possible loan amount, this also varies as usual. The banks have about so that half have USD 10,000 as the lowest amount and the other half USD 20,000. If we look at other lenders, there are those who lend as little as a few thousand kronor. This is then the same lender who has a low maximum amount. It should also be said that it is generally more expensive to borrow if it is from a small loan.

The term of a private loan is somewhere between 1 – 12 years. It is also here that the larger lenders offer the longer maturity. This is not illogical since a loan of USD 20,000 is hardly repaid best in 12 years. Expect that the lenders who lend up to about USD 50,000 also have rules that say that the loan cannot be longer than about five years. However, it is possible to borrow that amount for longer with those who have the maturity to choose from. You can usually choose for yourself how long to borrow the money as long as it is within the range that can be chosen.

Who can borrow?

As always, with a loan, you must fulfill a number of basic conditions in order for the lender to consider lending money. First, you must always be at least 18 years old. Sometimes there may be rules that say that a borrower must be 20 years or something similar but never less than 18 years old when one must be of legal age.

To be able to repay the loan, an income is also required. This money can come from, for example, a regular job or pension. The exact amount required in pay per month is variable, but you can expect it to be around USD 10,000 at the very least. Then this does not mean that you will automatically be approved as it may very well be more demanding if it is a large loan. The monthly cost differs markedly if you borrow USD 50,000 or 350,000 and this is also reflected in the income requirement.

Profi Loan – money on your account in 8 minutes!

Money in a few minutes on your account and zero unnecessary formalities? It’s possible – at Profi Loan. As always, the company focuses on customer convenience and launches a new online loan offer. Under it, all borrowers have a lot of good bonuses – e.g. one-off deferment of loan installments.

Profi Loan also via the Internet – a new product from the lender

Profi Loan also via the Internet - a new product from the lender

Online loan is a new offer from Profi Loan, a proven and trusted lender. In March 2017, the company received the distinction – the title of Business Power 2016 in the 9th edition of the Business Power competition! And this is just one of the factors that builds trust in the company. The most important element is a large group of satisfied customers.

Now Profi Loan makes borrowers’ life easier again. The company has made a simple and quick loan available online. The customer verification process is simple. Because it uses an automatic credit decision engine and an integrated mechanism of paying out loans with a quick transfer system. For the customer, this means that the money appears on his account even in a few minutes.

A loan at Profi Loan can be taken out:

  • up to 25,000 zł,
  • for a loan period of up to 48 months.

Profi Loan – promotional loan without interest in the online offer

When taking an installment loan online, the customer does not pay interest, and then the loan is 10% cheaper. (RSO is 0%). That’s not all: as part of the application process, the customer receives points as a reward. These can be exchanged for:

  • installment deferment,
  • halving two installments,
  • repayment of a single loan installment.

Loan at Profi Loan – how to get it online?

Loan at Profi Loan - how to get it online?

To take a loan online with Profi Loan:

  1. Complete a simple form that is on the lender’s website.
  2. Leave your phone number on the Profi Loan website and wait for immediate contact from the lender.

The client does not have to sign any documents. It is enough to enter the required data into an easy-to-use form or provide it in an interview with a consultant.

How long does the entire loan application process take?

  • 5 minutes – this is the time in which the customer completes the form,
  • 2 minutes – that’s how much it takes to calculate the borrower’s creditworthiness by a fast decision engine,
  • 8 minutes – the shortest time that has elapsed since filling out the form until the money appears on the customer’s account!

Problem with paying installments? Take a credit vacation at Profi Loan

Problem with paying installments? Take a credit vacation at Profi Loan

Sometimes it happens that the customer is not able to repay the loan at the moment. No need to panic – Profi Loan is aware of such situations and reaches out a helping hand to customers who are temporarily unable to pay. The company encourages you to contact a financial advisor who will tell you what to do in these situations.

In addition, Profi Loan has been taking care of clients in this area from the very beginning. Already while taking the loan, the client can take an additional package of services that will help him in temporary problems. Thanks to the package you can use the so-called credit holidays, which is to postpone repayment of loan installments for some time. You can also reduce the installment by up to 50 percent, which in special cases will bring relief to the client’s wallet.

Long-term or non-bank loan?

The type of non-bank loan is important

The type of non-bank loan is important

When we think about making a financial commitment, we don’t always remember that its type matters. The fact that we are thinking about an online loan shows that we have already taken some steps and we are eliminating options such as credit or private loan. However, we still need to specify what exactly we mean. In the internet age, there are plenty of interesting solutions. Two options that enjoy growing interest are installment loans and payday loans. Both of these options are very beneficial and can be helpful when some expense is waiting for us. It is important that we know which of them will be better at the given moment and how to adapt it to our situation. This is particularly important because each case is different and requires an individual approach.

What criteria should be used when choosing an online loan?

What criteria should be used when choosing an online loan?

The theory sounds understandable, but how does it look in practice? We have a fairly important choice that is important even when it comes to relatively small amounts. Not only that we have to choose the best non-bank institution for us, it is also a question of the type of loan. This will depend on several factors. It’s about for the amount of the planned loan and the period over which we want to pay it back. This is the basis that will help us determine the dimension of our commitment. Before making any decisions, we should assess our borrowing capacity. We can do it ourselves, but it is worth reading the expert opinions beforehand. Thanks to them we will get additional information that will definitely be useful to us.

Instant cash online – when we need smaller amounts

Instant cash online - when we need smaller amounts

We usually associate the search for additional funds with credit. However, not all of us need such large sums. On the contrary – we often want to take less money and give it back quickly. In this case, the ideal solution will be online payday loan, which will definitely help us pay less expenses. Importantly, it does not have to cost us too much. Many loan companies offer the first free payday loan. This means that when we start cooperation with a given company, the first payday loan is free of additional charges. We give back as much as we borrowed – provided that we settle the repayment on the agreed date. This option is a nod to those who borrow from this service provider for the first time. At the same time, it is an incentive to establish long-term cooperation. It is worth thinking about it, because in the long run it can be profitable for us. There is no shortage of offers with additional facilities for regular customers. Just know where to look for them.

Short-term loan – what does it mean?

Short-term loan - what does it mean?

When we start thinking seriously about payday pay, we want to know for what period we will receive it. Usually it is specified in days and usually it is up to 30 days, however some companies consider the possibility of borrowing for longer (e.g. 45, 60 days). Unfortunately – there are situations when we are not able to pay the full amount on time. Fortunately, some non-bank institutions include the option of extending the repayment deadline. Unfortunately, this is accompanied by additional fees, but we already know this when we sign the contract. Sometimes the opposite situation occurs and we are able to give money before the time specified in the documentation. Is paying off the loan before the deadline profitable? Look for information on this subject on the website of your service provider.

Installment loan – we pay back like a loan

Installment loan - we pay back like a loan

When it comes to installment loans, the amount and repayment period are very important. Here, we are free to divide the commitment into parts. However, we must remember that usually we also decide on larger sums, and hence, we must choose the amount of installments reasonably. Then we will avoid unpleasant surprises in the form of excessive charges.

This type of loan is associated with a cash loan. No wonder – the repayment system is very similar. However, due to the fact that it is about larger amounts, we must remember that we must meet certain conditions. They will be similar to those that accompany banking services. Undoubtedly, our creditworthiness will be checked and whether we are listed in the registers of debtors. It is better to remember this before submitting the application.

Who will benefit from a long-term loan repayment?

Who will benefit from a long-term loan repayment?

An installment loan is a very beneficial solution for a specific group of clients. It is often about people who need a larger amount – they are planning a renovation, buying a car or just want to borrow for the holidays. Each of us used to think about one of these options, but we don’t always have enough savings. In a situation where we have a stable financial situation, we can decide on an installment loan. It will help us make our dreams come true provided that we diligently fulfill our obligation to pay it back. Not without reason, its addressees are people who have a solid household budget and permanent employment. The payments are accompanied by additional fees, but if we make the right calculations before signing the contract, they will not be too severe for us.

Where to look for information on loan companies’ offers?

Where to look for information on loan companies

We are often afraid of making a decision on a non-bank loan because we feel that we know too little about it. As it turns out, we do not have to give up this option, because there are web portals dedicated to this topic. We will find there rankings of payday loans which will tell us what offer to choose when we need a smaller amount. Do you want a bigger sum? Check the installment loan ranking and choose the best product for you. If you have any doubts, read the loan tips that are posted on these types of sites. They are a competent source of information when you think about choosing the right loan for us. As you can see, it doesn’t have to be difficult.

Problem with loan repayment – what to do?

March 21, 2016 It doesn’t take several years for our lives to change completely. Sometimes it only takes a few minutes for relatively good future prospects to disappear from our view. You can get caught up in problems instantly, which will quickly ruin your current location. For example, lose your job and lead to a delayed payment of the cash loan installment. Fortunately, this is not a dead end. If we made a commitment some time ago, and now we are unable to pay the installments, we can use several solutions. Our expert will advise you on how to overcome the financial crisis.

Polish debt is still a current problem

Polish debt is still a current problem

The problem with loan repayment concerns many Poles. They ask themselves every day what to do about late payment of the cash loan installment and any other liability that is the source of their trouble. Unfortunately, skillful dealing with debts is not an advantage of the inhabitants of our country. Quite the opposite – credit installments often overwhelm us. According to data from the beginning of October 2017, the value of overdue debts is PLN 25 billion. 3 million outstanding claims belong to 1.8 million Poles. The most unreliable payers are men, who have to pay back as much as PLN 19 billion. Why are we getting into debt? Mainly through loans, telecommunications contracts and loans.

A break in loan repayment is not a dead end. You can effectively deal with temporary financial indisposition that has affected our budget. What to do to see the future in positive colors again?

Negotiations with the bank

Negotiations with the bank

First of all, contact with a banking institution cannot be avoided, counting on the statute of limitations on debt. Although the debt arising from the non-repayment of a cash loan or loan is barred after three years, according to applicable law, the creditor is still entitled to claim reimbursement. Because the statute of limitations does not expire, you can still claim a refund before the court. Only when the debtor raises an objection of limitation does the court agree with him. Otherwise, the debt collection company will easily obtain an order to pay the expired claim, because the judicial institution is not required to thoroughly investigate the case. The government is working on a statutory prohibition on pursuing time-barred claims, but this is only a draft amendment.

By negotiating with the bank, you can get out of the crisis by finding a solution that will be beneficial to both sides. We should not hesitate to talk. The sooner we report to the institution, the better the chances are that our requests will be accepted. What can we apply for?

Suspension of loan repayment

Suspension of loan repayment

The first option is to suspend loan repayment, i.e. credit holidays. It is worth knowing, preferably before signing the loan agreement, whether the bank we selected allows you to temporarily stop paying installments. Thanks to this, we will avoid the consequences of late payments. Sometimes banks agree to a suspension of repayment for several months, without exempting us from paying interest on the loan. The suspension concerns only the installment itself. What’s more, you should also take into account the commission on credit holidays. Financial institutions try to help customers, but each additional service usually involves fees.

Repayment of a cash loan while complying with the contract is very important to us. If we do not comply with the initial arrangements, we will lose financial credibility. Then future efforts to get a cash injection may prove fruitless.

Change in the amount of cash loan installments

Change in the amount of cash loan installments

The difficult financial situation can also be normalized by changing the amount of cash loan installments. Initially, it seems to us that the set amount of payments will not disturb the peace of budget management. Unforeseen accidents and unexpected costs can make the installment too big.

Sometimes the problem is not the installment itself, but the day of payment. When determining the terms of the contract before taking out the loan, we did not pay attention when we receive the payment. As a result, we are unable to accumulate the necessary funds on time. Then eliminating the trouble can be very simple.

Extending the loan period

Extending the loan period

If neither credit vacation nor change in the amount of cash loan installments are solutions that would be helpful to us, perhaps it will be more convenient to apply for an extension of the loan period? The bonus in the form of extra time to settle the loan can be beneficial to our budget. Thanks to this we will reduce the monthly installment.

Keep in mind, however, that the new repayment date is tantamount to an increase in the amount we will have to pay. The bank will add additional interest, but since we avoid a bailiff, it is worth considering such a solution. Remember to recalculate all costs carefully and plan your finances with all fees in mind.

Borrowers Support Fund

Borrowers Support Fund

Also, when we have a home loan, we can get the help we need. If we lost our job and registered as unemployed, let’s apply for funds from the Borrower Support Fund. From February 12, 2016, the Fund provides support for a period of up to 18 months, in the amount of mortgage loan principal and interest installments, but not more than PLN 1,500 per month.

Such support should, of course, be returned, but only after 2 years from the end of receiving support. The funds can be used by people who lost their jobs because of no fault of their own. The Borrower Support Fund is therefore not for disciplinary dismissals or for those who have themselves resigned. What if we work and we still can’t pay it back? When the monthly loan installment exceeds 60% of our income, then we can also apply for such assistance. Applications for support should be submitted to the branches of the banks that granted us the housing loan.

Credit Consolidation

Consolidation of liabilities may also be a beneficial solution. It is a particularly attractive proposition for people who have problems with timely payment of several simultaneous payments.

What is the consolidation loan? It is a combination of various receivables (e.g. cash, mortgage and installment loans) into one receivable, often much lower than the sum of individual receivables. The exact amount depends on the conditions the bank offers us and the loan period. An additional convenience is the possibility of receiving an additional amount that will be used to pay for the most urgent needs.

Declaration of consumer bankruptcy

Declaration of consumer bankruptcy

When the installment overwhelms us, the final solution is to file for bankruptcy. There is one condition – debts cannot be our fault. If we had insufficient knowledge or we show that we did not understand the formal issues, the court may also grant our request and cancel the liabilities. The same as in the case of job loss, illness or participation in an accident that caused health damage. Each case is thoroughly investigated to exclude the applicant’s dishonesty.

Who can definitely not declare consumer bankruptcy? Is a person who currently conducts business activity or has had such activity during the last six months. Does this not concern us? In that case, we can apply to the bankruptcy court of your place of residence.

How to contact the bank?

How to contact the bank?

How to contact the bank when we have a problem paying off the loan?

Three basic ways to contact a banking institution:

  1. A visit to a bank branch.
  2. Hotline phone.
  3. Submitting an application by post or email.

It is not important which way you choose. The main thing is not to underestimate the trouble and talk to find the best solution. The lack of any action will not make the problems disappear. On the contrary, trouble will increase and sooner or later we will have to face the unpleasant consequences of our decisions.

No loan repayment – consequences

No loan repayment - consequences

Lack of loan repayment will always have consequences.

Failure to meet the debt settlement deadline may lead to:

Loss of financial credibility related to entry in the register of debtors. ERIF? KRD? BIG InfoMonitor? We will be able to find our data in each of these databases if we exceed the payment deadline by a set number of days. Impeccable debtors are also recorded in the Credit Information Bureau. By downloading the free BIK report, we will find out in what light financial institutions see us,

Debt collection proceedings, and if the actions of the debt collector do not bring results – bailiff proceedings. Bailiff’s powers are much greater. At the initiative of the creditor, in order to repay the debt, it may occupy further elements of our property,

Debt spiral – we often try to pay the installment with another loan or online loan. Before we look, our budget will be in complete ruin. You have to strive for financial support – then it will serve, not hurt. If we have nothing to pay off the first claim, it is better than to apply for the next one, to reduce expenses or find a better job.

10,000 PLN loan – list of banks with cheap offers

June 6, 2019 10,000 loan PLN is available both in non-bank institutions and in banks, which we will look at in detail in our article. Especially that cash loan is still the most frequently chosen banking product. According to BIK research, the value of bank loans increased last year. Their amount amounted to almost PLN 71 billion, by 7% more than in 2017. Where to apply for a loan of up to 10,000? We check the offers of 11 banks!

10,000 loan PLN – we present 11 loan offers!

10,000 loan PLN - we present 11 loan offers!

10,000 loan PLN is a very attractive offer for anyone who needs an injection of cash for home appliances and electronics, home repairs or even buying a car. These are the most common reasons why we decide to apply for additional funds in the form of a cash loan or online loan. 10 thousand PLN allows to achieve these goals and pay the debt relatively quickly.

For a loan of 10,000 PLN worth applying for at a bank, the more that with such amounts, banking institutions reduce formalities to a minimum, and even allow you to apply for a loan completely online! Online loans without leaving your home are the best offer today for anyone who wants to get cash easily and quickly. Which banks offer loans up to 10,000 zł?

Current loan offers 10,000 PLN can also be found in the cash loan ranking. It is worth following it on a regular basis to have access to current bank proposals.

How much does a loan cost up to 10,000 zł?

How much does a loan cost up to 10,000 zł?

The cost of cash loans is an issue that should especially catch our attention when signing a contract with a financial institution. It is better not to be surprised by the amount of installments and to regulate payments in time, so that the registers of debtors do not record our name. In the table you will find detailed information on the installments for loans for 24 and 60 months. In the case of a loan of 10,000 PLN with a 24-month loan period, OutBank has prepared the best offer for us. In turn, for a loan of up to 10,000 with a repayment deadline of up to 60 months, it is best to apply at CiatoLoan.

The decision on the length of the loan period is yours alone. We can repay the loan sooner or on the contrary – with other expenses planned, we can extend the repayment time. If we use a cash loan calculator, we will carefully calculate the installments depending on the amount of the bank loan and the length of the loan period. Using this tool, we will know the loan repayment schedule. A detailed schedule will allow you to plan your home budget for the time when we will have an additional burden! The cash loan calculator is available on the website of most banks.

10,000 loan without certificates – what documents to prepare?

10,000 loan without certificates - what documents to prepare?

Persons who intend to apply for a cash loan of 10,000 must submit the required bank documents. It turns out that in the case of low amounts, banking institutions often decide to grant loans without certificates. All you need is an ID card to get a cash injection and achieve your goals!

Below is a complete list of documents that the bank may (but does not have to!) Require from us:

  • document confirming identity (obligatory),
  • income certificate (depending on the offer),
  • correctly completed application.

After applying for a loan, we will receive a credit decision as soon as possible. A positive response will result in the mobilization of funds and a transfer to our bank account. We can also collect cash at the branch, provided that the bank provides such a possibility to pay the loan.

10,000 loan impossible without BIK

10,000 loan impossible without BIK

All financial institutions are required to verify the creditworthiness of customers. Therefore, checking databases, including the BIK database, is one of their basic duties. Banks are very strict on this issue. They do not grant loans without BIK and they scrupulously verify each customer’s creditworthiness. Non-bank institutions are more tolerant. They offer loans without BIK. This means that even a negative credit history does not compromise our loan chances!

Non-bank institutions also offer loans without bases. It is worth taking a closer look and, if necessary, use offers tailored to the needs of different borrowers. You can also check the payday rankings and installment loans rankings and choose the offer that best meets our expectations.

Credit or loan versus income level

Unlimited income loans

Unlimited income loans

Most loan companies’ offers do not include the minimum income that a potential borrower must have. Among the list of requirements to be met by the applicant for payday pay, it is generally general that it must have a stable source of income. However, there is no indication as to which remuneration is received – on the basis of an employment contract or a civil law contract (for specific work or commission).

Due to the specificity of the market, you usually do not need to submit any income statements or send bank statements to confirm that we regularly receive a salary. These documents are required when the lender has doubts about the loan. One exception among the loan companies is MegaLoan. The brand conditions the granting of a commitment upon submission of a document confirming that every month the state of our finances increases by at least PLN 500 net of remuneration for work. Alternatively, an old-age or disability pension is recognized as income if it meets the condition of a minimum limit.

Income of at least PLN 500

Income of at least PLN 500

In the case of a cash loan from a bank, it is also difficult to find information in contracts about what earnings are necessary to apply for funding. However, usually financial institutions set the minimum monthly income threshold in the range between PLN 500 and 1000 net. However, banks, unlike online lending companies, always require proof of stable earnings. For example, in BZ WBK, an applicant for a cash loan must provide a certificate of employment and earnings. The information must relate to net income for the last month and average monthly net income for the last 3 months. In the case of business income, an annual tax return and a certificate from the Tax Office or a certificate from ZUS / KRUS and a book of revenues and expenses should be provided. Millenial Bank places such a condition.

It is worth remembering that the final decision to grant or refuse a loan or credit depends on several important factors. Mainly on creditworthiness, i.e. the ability to repay the selected amount of liabilities on time with the current salary.

Private loan and online loan – which option to choose?

March 9, 2017 There are various types of service providers in the loan industry. Some of them are institutions dedicated to providing payday loans and installment loans. However, many people who need a quick loan go to their family or friends for money. Choosing the right option is not easy, so before it occurs, you must carefully consider both options. Then we will be able to make a more responsible decision.

Many people use private loans

Many people use private loans

Unfortunately, there are situations when we need money quickly. When we see shortcomings in the wallet, we wonder where we can take the necessary funds from. We often ask our family or friends for help. I must admit that this is quite an awkward moment for us. Some consider it an admission of financial awkwardness. However, we need a loan and we are quickly looking for a lender. In such moments it is worth remembering that only responsible borrowing makes sense and will allow us to avoid later problems. It is worth checking out various possibilities and finding out as much as possible. The better we know the loan industry, the better for us. There is no shortage of people who reach for private loans when this is the last resort. They decide on this type of financial support, for example, to cover outstanding liabilities in non-bank institutions.

Beware of scammers!

Beware of scammers!

Sometimes we need a private loan, but we don’t want to go into debt with family or friends. We are often ashamed that we have expenses that we cannot cope with, or even bigger financial problems. That is why we want to borrow from someone who is not related to us. There are many people on the internet who declare their willingness to grant a private loan. Care should be taken of these suggestions because they may come from cheats that are better avoided. Such lenders often declare that the repayment terms will be very favorable and no one will verify us in the debtors’ registers. The problem is that unclear terms are usually offered to us, sometimes we are forced to sign an incomprehensible contract, which may incur additional costs.

Online payday loans and installment loans are growing in popularity

Online payday loans and installment loans are growing in popularity

Interestingly, in recent years we can see an increase in interest in online loans. More and more people are looking for payday loans on the internet, which can be obtained on very favorable terms. The application process is very simple and runs on clear terms. Thanks to this, we know how and when we have to pay back the loan, in addition everything is written down in the contract. If we need larger amounts, we can also look for support in non-bank institutions. There is no shortage of companies that offer installment loans. We pay back gradually, as in the case of a loan. Thanks to this, we don’t have to pay the whole amount right away. If we divide it into installments that are convenient for us, the need to pay will not be felt too much. Additional costs will also not be particularly troublesome for us.

Check the credibility of loan companies

Check the credibility of loan companies

How to check if the loan company is reliable? We can definitely look for information on her website. If this is not enough for us, we should visit one of the loan portals. We will find there rankings of payday loans which will show us the best offers of short-term liabilities. We can put them together using convenient loan comparison websites. Do you need larger sums? You can always check the installment loan rankings. You will surely find there the best suggestions that have the best parameters. It is worth noting that these types of portals are not only comparison websites and rankings. In many cases, we will also find advice to help us make the right decisions about borrowing, as well as other related matters. By gaining such knowledge, we gain competences that allow us to manage our finances responsibly.

Commitment to loved ones or online loan?

Commitment to loved ones or online loan?

Undoubtedly, in many situations it is better not to take a loan or payday loan. However, when we can afford it, we should think carefully about who we want to borrow from. Relatively small amounts cannot be underestimated by us. Beware of private loans from strangers. If you want to borrow privately, it is better to use the help of trusted people. Unfortunately – then we have to reckon with the fact that we will feel awkward. In addition, if for some reason we are unable to pay back the amount borrowed on time, it may affect our relationship with the person who provides us with financial support.

Non-bank loans are very popular

Non-bank loans are very popular

The growing popularity of non-bank loans proves that such a service has its growing number of recipients who visit websites of loan companies in order to find the best offers. Following common sense should be the basis of any borrower’s activities. This should be remembered at the planning stage. Every well-informed customer knows that choosing a lender is not insignificant. This plays a very important role when we want to securely make a financial commitment.